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At, we have created and continue to create a number of self paced on demand courses in the areas of writing, publishing and marketing that can assist you to take more control of your self publishing needs with a DIY approach. Feel free to check out our Self Publishing University for available courses with more coming soon! Should you need more personalized assistance, then check out our coaching program here



It’s a known fact that if you want to build a relationship and increase your sales conversion, you need to take advantage of webinars, telesummits and other online events. Why make the sale once when you can do it over and over  and over again. Let us work with you.




Stuck? Want to reach the next level? Then you need coaching. No two ways about it! At, we offer coaching for starting an online business. Check out your options here based on your budget or contact us to customize a plan for you.



Take advantage of our *FREE* 15 minutes consultation via skype or phone. Use this opportunity to determine if we are a best fit for your professional needs: Coaching, Online Events and Speaking at your event.



The Team



The Digital Guy

Amit was introduced to me some years ago when I decided to expand my business and needed to have others on my team that were just as or even more competent and skilled at digital publishing than I was at the time.

Since we met, I never looked back.

Our relationship has grown over the years and the work he provides is second to none. I trust his recommendations and feedback and consult with him on a number of e-publishing projects that comes into my business.



The Numbers Guy

When you meet someone who has a passion for numbers, you gotta hold on to them. Carlyle is that person to me. He crunches the numbers and advises me on the best way forward for my business and endeavors. He saves me from myself when it comes to tax season (smile) and positioning myself and my business to leverage potential opportunities that can move my business to the next level.

This position requires trust, confidence and integrity and Carlyle possesses all that and more.



The Virtual Assistant

Leslie Richards is my go to girl for activities and tasks I either don’t like to do or don’t have time for. She provides invaluable service and assists me with writing content, re-purposing that content, social media promotions, graphic design and desktop publishing and all other related matters to the services we offer here at She is a fantastic writer and contributes articles to LA FONT Magazine. You should check it out here.

Corine La Font

Corine La Font

The Lead

As the Founder and owner of HELPDESKJA.COM, I have garnered a number of skills and experience over the years that are in demand. However, my passion is for helping others succeed and I do this best through my coaching programs, working with clients on their online events and creating educational courses online. I don’t talk about myself much. I let my work speak for itself through referrals and my client’s testimonials you can find below on this website as well as on my coaching page.

I have been blessed so far with several accomplishments such as being an award winning publishing resource in the 2013 book awards, columnist for the #1 newspaper in Jamaica; the Gleaner, hosting my own radio show; Between The Lines, Producing and Editing my own Magazine – LA FONT, featured on Television Jamaica’s ‘Smile Jamaica’ and ‘The Innovators’ and interviewed on Power 106 as well as many online radio shows. It’s just the beginning. Click here to access my e-media kit.

Do I know what I am doing? I would say a resounding YES but don’t take my word for it. Check out the testimonials which speak for themselves and feel free to book a FREE consultation with me to determine if we are a best fit.




When I hear Corine speak on the IVAA Coffee Chats and on her online Radio Show, she gets my attention and motivates me to be my best. She’s has a powerful speaking voice that moves you take action in your business. She is that someone in my network that when I think I’m stuck or have no direction her suggestions and experience puts me back on track to move forward.

La Tina Starling, E.O.P Virtual Services


Can I tell you, Corine La Font is my guiding star. She guided me along the way; she took me through each step slowly and clearly on how I should get things started. I’m so thankful for her because I didn’t have a clue on how to go about getting things done. I can say to all book writers across the world, choosing Corine is the way to go, no regrets, no sorry, she knows her work and she knows exactly what she’s doing. She does it for me and I guarantee she will do it for you.

Lisa Lawrence, Author, ‘Jamaica An’ Its People’


I have worked with many different people building my website, and products. I have not had a better experience than working with Corine. She is so professional and friendly and did things in a very quick fashion. I can’t think of anyone I have enjoyed working with more. Thanks Corine.

Jane Farano, Author, ‘Living Your Best Life’

When someone believes in you, it helps you to truly start your journey to success. Thanks Corine for your gift of speech and writing and helping others to fulfil their dreams and fulfilling ‘My dream’. Many Thanks

Magdalena Cooper-de Neuze, LUTCF, CLU, Ch.F.C., LLB (Hons), Author, Partner
Milestones & Lifestyle Planning Services



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Conference 2015


It’s the Start that Stops us!

If you find yourself in one of the following situations, then this conference is for YOU!

Do you find yourself...

  • Holding back for no real reason whatsoever?
  • Being hesitant when your inner voice is screaming yes! Do it?
  • Saying you have to think about it when deep down you really want to take the plunge?
  • Saying you don't have the money, when you do have it or can find it, if you really want to?
  • Saying you have to speak to your spouse, friends,colleagues at work etc as a way to justify your inner fears?
  • Wanting to stay within your comfort zone because you are not sure what the results will be. You have no guarantees?
  • Procrastinating on things that really matter in your life?
  • Being in the same situation you have been the last 5 - 10 years? Nothing has changed, improved or progressed?

hook-881438_640If you answered YES to one or a combination of the above, then I say again, this conference is for YOU!

What you are going through is called FEAR! While it is totally unjustified for you have no real reason to feel that way, you allow your past and the past of others to determine what your future will be. Let's get something straight right NOW!






As a coach, I have been offering virtual one on one as well as group sessions to many clients here in Jamaica and across the world to people who are authors as well as entrepreneurs and the one common thread that stops their progress is FEAR. You may be in that target audience sitting on the fence of fear trying for the longest while to decide should you or should you not or you may not be getting the results you would like to have. Don’t let starting stop you. Just start! Or in some cases, start over!

new-year-664628_1280Now is the best time to do so since we are in the last quarter of 2015 about to enter 2016. Don’t go over into 2016 with the same old habits, thoughts and ideas. Bring them to life! Decide to make a change now. Don’t let fear in whatever form it takes cripple you to not write that book, start that business or whatever it is that you always wanted to do. Let’s close off 2015 with a bang!

Join me at my Virtual Success Conference scheduled for December 5 - 6, 2015 via this registration link

It is a weekend and it’s such a perfect time to have this event. Not too close to the holidays, yet not too far. Your spirits will be merry and you feel optimism in the air.

arrow-945272_640This will be two days of intense training on building a business online for both authors and aspiring entrepreneurs. Learn from the comfort of your home on your computer or hand held device, it’s up to you.  If you get in early, you will benefit from an interview recording I did recently at an event and if you take advantage of the early bird discount, you will automatically receive the ebook that goes along with that recording as a FREE bonus!

Here are your payment options:

'Early Bird' Discount - Up until October 25, 2015 [US$70.00]

'Toe in the Door Bird' Discount - Up until November 15, 2015 [US$97.00]

'Late Bird' - Up until December 4, 2015 [US$197.00]


If after reading this, you feel a strong inclination to get started, then do it! Register here . Keep this page open, so you can return to select your payment and to gain access to the FREE ebook bonus!

The initial feeling is what you need to act on. Don’t delay and think about it. This is all you will need in one place. Years of experience saving you the research and know how. Of course, if you do not wish to change your circumstances, invest in yourself and prefer to spend the time and energy to go crawl the web, search and compile and try to implement on your own, feel free to do so. This conference is probably not meant for you anyway.

I leave it to you to make the right decision TODAY!



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  • Writing
  • Publishing
  • Marketing - Online and Offline
  • Starting an online business
  • Coaching