BestSeller Program

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You have landed on the right place. Whether you got here from reading my article or were referred by someone, thanks for being here.

Now, I won’t spend time going into too many words for we don’t have time for that. You are here because you want to be an Amazon Best Seller and that’s what I am here to help you with. So choose the program below that fits your budget and let’s get started!

This is a package I have put together to include everything you need in one place!! – coaching for writing, book cover design (2D and 3D), book title, editing, formatting for print and ebook, publishing and marketing. Of course the time dedicated to each will vary based on the package chosen.

 Select which works best for you. This is at my lowest hourly rate and will run for 1 year. You are free to continue once the first year is up. The focus then will be on marketing to keep you in the top 5-10 on Amazon’s Best Seller List.
 Refer others and get a 5% discount off the following month’s rate. Rates subject to change after the first year.

best-seller-158885_640  Package #1

best-seller-158885_640 Package #2

best-seller-158885_640 Package #3

best-seller-158885_640 Package #4

See below clients who have already benefited from my expertise
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