Get to Best Seller Status with these Books

Get to Best Seller Status with these Books

Everyone wants to be a bestseller but do you know what it takes to get there? Let me put it this way. Lots of work and commitment! Fun too, but lots of work! Burning desire to see your work attain such a status with the key being to stay at the top for as long as possible. Why? There just might be agents crawling the web searching for books like yours to offer a publishing contract. It has been done and it can be you!

I have listed below some areas you need to focus on if you want to attain bestseller status on Amazon. Yes, the focus is on Amazon for now and then we can go for the biggie – New York Times Best Seller! How about that? Impossible? No, very possible!

Many of you write books that you either experience yourself or what others experience or you have a lot of knowledge about. That’s fine but what I am going to show you is where you should really focus your attention in order to achieve Bestseller status on Amazon. Now you don’t even have to have the experience or knowledge to do this. There are so many ways to writing that I can show you, that will allow you to not only learn a new topic or area but you learn a lot about yourself on the journey.

The following are books that are what I would call niche markets that will allow you to rank in the top 10 on Amazon and hit the Best Seller list. Now, if you wish to pursue this seriously, I am offering a package to help anyone who wishes to do this but you have to be committed to the process or else it won’t make sense. You can check it out for more details. It would involve from start to finish in the self publishing process which includes me coaching you into writing, cover design, book title, publishing and marketing. If you are game, I am with you. Here’s a link for more information and to get started right away.

Ok now for the list. Whether you are an expert or not, write on these areas and I assure you, with some focused effort, you will make it to Bestseller status:

  1. Books on Gay and lesbian with a focus on mystery and thrillers, parenting and families, travel, biography and memoirs
  2. Books on teen and young adult with a focus on social issues, sports and outdoors, personal health
  3. Books on test preparation with a focus on citizenship and drivers education
  4. Books on sports and outdoors. Go for extreme sports and survival skills
  5. Books on travel with a focus on the Caribbean, Central America and the Polar regions
  6. Cookbooks, food and wine with a focus on professional cooking, quick and easy and Asian cooking
  7. Self help books with a focus on mid life, anger management, abuse, communication and social skills

Please note that if what you want to write or capable of writing is not on this list, it does not mean you can’t make it to Best Seller Status; not at all. It will just require some additional strategies in promotion and marketing to get you there and the BestSeller Program can assist as well.

Ok, I think I have given you a lot to work with. There is more but let’s start with the above. So join me in the program, check out the BestSeller Program page at  get your thoughts ah rolling, start putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard or voice to recorder and get yourself on the Amazon Bestseller list!



Learning to Let Go

Learning to Let Go

I have always had the dream to dance. I have been told that I have long legs and when I see ballet, I love the way ballet dancers look, so graceful, controlled, elegant and all that. The love story they tell puts you in a trance.

I love all types of dancing but my favorite is about sensual..hmmm hmmmm. It really connects you with your partner; dancing partner and relationship wise especially if the person you’re in a relationship with also has the love and passion for dancing.

I decided some time aback to go after fulfilling that passion that resided in me for over 27 years. An opportunity presented itself in close proximity to me where classes are being offered and without even thinking, I started the classes the same day. After all, there is no reason to think on it!

In starting the class, the first thing I was warned about is that the man needs to lead. What?! I don’t know about that. The man leading. You mean to say I have to just let go and allow the man to guide me?! Like hell to the no! I have always been leading and I am not too sure if I should just do that. Everything I have achieved in my life, it was on my own. My internal drive and aggression has taken me places that I feel accomplished while not where I want to be yet but I am grateful so allowing myself to let go for a man to lead me is unheard of. But hey, I am in a class so I needed to respect that and take direction from the dance instructor.

It’s been a few weeks and I can say I have gotten better. Noticed I said gotten better. At times, I am still prompted that there can only be one lead. The man. There can’t be two leads when dancing with a partner. Even if the man makes a mistake, he must learn to do the moves right or if the woman doesn’t feel the man is leading her right, she must find another partner who does. Now I like that!

Dancing has been therapeutic for me (hence my reason for getting better). Strange as it may sound, it has. I realized that I had to discover something about myself and dancing was the key. I had to learn to let go and allow others to be and lead me. It’s not always we as the woman that must lead. We need to be a follower and from what I have read in ‘Think and Grow Rich’, you must be an intelligent follower as intelligent followers make the best type of leaders. I am willing to be teachable and coachable and I am willing to follow intelligently. I am learning. Yes, it is still a work in progress to allow myself to be led.

Learning to let go can take many forms. For me, it is to keep my aggressive drive in check and see the best in others and to give others the opportunity to grow. For you, it may be allowing your children to lead you to be a better parent, a better co worker or a better boss or a better neighbor and friend. Be willing to be an intelligent follower and let go.

I assure you, it will serve you well in your personal growth and development.

Hit me up a reply by commenting below on what you have been doing to let go and what you have learned about yourself in the process and journey.



In 21 days

In 21 days

No this has nothing to do with menstruation.. ewwww but come to think of it, in a way it is related.

You see, I have a little challenge, well it can be a big challenge at times and it’s called procrastination. There are many things I know I have to do but just don’t do them or start and stop halfway and pick up something else and in the end nothing is completed. This is not for all projects or goals but for some. I need to develop the habit to get things done no matter what. No matter how I feel at the time or what else may be going on. How come I do for some and not others? I ask myself that question to figure out what is keeping me back and the truth is it’s a combination of laziness, no interest, no passion or lack of importance or immediate benefit. Yeah, I think that last one hit the nail on the head!

Here’s what I have been doing and while it is still a work in progress, the good thing is, it is a work in progress as we all are as human beings.

I suggest taking on one thing. Only one thing from your list of procrastinators and just do it. Just get started whether it starts off good or not Set your timer to go off at that time or a few minutes before like 5-15 mins before just to get your mind in gear but not too much time to talk yourself out of it. If you need less time, then do 5 mins lead time.

Once you have done that, then do it for 21 days straight. No stopping. No excuses. Do it preferably at a set time each day. Be realistic. Now you see the connection between this and menstruation? Whether we like it or not, our period shows up approximately every 21 days, give or take but it shows up! Argh. And while some of us might hate it, we have to deal with it but here’s the thing. We know in a few days it will be over and we get ready for it again in the next 21 days. So our period just follows Nike and just do it! or rather just shows up!

We need to show up for what we want in our lives. Showing up means, just putting aside all fears, excuses and procrastination and just do it. Can you imagine if your period didn’t show up? Yes we women have all been through it. We get worried… the fear of pregnancy sets in, sickness or stress even though you may not have had sex to warrant the fear but it is just our innate reaction.

The same applies to achieving your goals. You should go through the fear of what would happen if you don’t do what you are supposed to do.. in this case your ideas won’t be pregnant and won’t come to life. This is one time you want to be pregnant and bring forth that beautiful baby of success.

So let’s try developing one habit consistently for 21 days and keep doing that, then add another and another and keep building and let’s give birth to those ideas that are resident or planted in us for a reason.

Hit me up with a reply below. I would love to hear your comments :)


Think You Are Cut Out To Be An Author?

Think You Are Cut Out To Be An Author?

I often tell people that there is a book inside everyone and it’s true. The thing is, you have to believe it for yourself. Each one of us go through our own experiences but the doubt comes in when you think that those experiences may not be as impactful to help someone else. But you don’t know that, do you?

To find out if you are cut out to be an author, continue reading and if at the end, you answer ‘yes’, then you are well on your way and I would suggest, getting started while the adrenaline runs through you:

  1. Do people come to you for advice on anything? – I am sure they do. It’s just for you to think what those questions may be. It may be about relationships, parenting, organization, makeup, shopping or a myriad of things. Take some time to sit back, relax with pen and paper or your trusty phone in hand and note down what advice you have been giving out on a regular basis. Then group and rank them. Once you have done this, I would suggest, jotting down notes under each and if you find yourself jotting down notes with enthusiasm and passion under one particular topic, then that’s the book to get started with. Consider this too..if you are giving out advice and people and actually listening and applying what you suggest, then you already have a built in audience that would be willing to purchase your books and refer it to others.
  2. Have you gone through a life changing experience? It can be religious, accident, unemployment, divorce, loss of a loved one, terminal illness or anything that can have your listener’s eyes rolling backwards! Great story to be shared and told, especially how your overcame and succeeded.
  3. Can you articulate your thoughts well in writing? This one may be a bit tricky as some of you doubt yourselves that you can but never fear…audio is here to the rescue! If you feel a bit queasy about writing a word or putting thoughts on paper, all you need to do is record your thoughts on a recording device like your phone or audacity (a free online downloadable tool), then have someone transcribe same into text and viola, you have started your first book! Of course, editing and ensuring that the thoughts flow will be part of the process but getting started is always the first step to overcoming the fear.
  4. Are you willing to become comfortable with the uncomfortable? Sounds confusing right? I know. Here’s the thing.. if you are unwilling today to do the things others won’t, then tomorrow you can’t achieve the things others can’t. More confusing? It was meant to be. In a gist, you have to get out of your own way and stop being comfortable. Star being uncomfortable and after doing it several times, you will get get comfortable doing that activity. Then, you have to find another activity that will make you uncomfortable and so on. Never be in a state of comfort. This will get you in a rut that will be hard to get out of. You won’t be moving or progressing  and believe me, from experience, it will take a juggernaut mindset to pull you through.. lots of self talk, internal persecution and to say the least, procrastination will take over your imagination! You don’t want to go there!!

So if you answered ‘yes’ to all of the above or 75% then go get ’em! I would love to hear your comments below.

Karma is a Bitch!

Karma is a Bitch!

meditation-338446_1920Sounds harsh right? It should be.

Here’s the thing. We all have gifts. Not many of us make use of them. You die without sharing it, you procrastinate or whatever it is that you do or rather don’t do with it and that’s ok but for those of us who do, all that is being asked is RESPECT!

Writing is not an easy task for some and many authors and writers spend sleepless days and nights crafting words, emotions, setting, and plots and doing research to bring you the best stories, advice, articles and self help activities for you to be better. To grow and develop and move past where you are now.

Why is it then that you want it for free? Why is it that you prefer to round robbin intellectual property instead of purchasing your own copy and supporting the author of the book? Or not compensate for work done?

Do you really think that when you decide to do anything and it doesn’t have to be writing a book; it can be a business, relationship or anything at all, that your actions back then wouldn’t haunt you?

Once you are in the habit of wanting everything for free, everyone else will expect the same from you or they will want to get a discount or drive your price down till it loses value or just take advantage of you like you did with someone else.

How the saying goes… What goes around comes around? And the shit about it is that when the backlash comes it is tenfold!!! Hmm, think on that and before you take advantage of someone’s hard work and effort, ask yourself, would I want that done to me?

Self Publishing On Demand

Self Publishing On Demand

What are you willing to do to learn more about being an author, avoiding the pitfalls, creating an eBook, increasing sales, building a business, marketing and sustainability?

Many weeks ago, I have been hinting at creating online courses to assist those who are in need without having to rely heavily on me and my expertise. They can do it themselves, learn when they want at their own convenience and at their own pace. It is still a work in progress as we all should be but I am proud to say that I have two courses available to you right now, fresh on the market for you to grab, if you are serious improving your craft and skills and learn more about the self publishing industry.

While these two courses may have been addressed in several fora, what comes with these that you won’t find anywhere else are resources, workbooks, eBooks and worksheets to supplement the course. The course covers all learning types, that is, audio, video and text with projects and activities and quizzes to ensure you understand the material and build your knowledge and skills. Additional benefits are included but more details are provided at the links below.

’10 Things Authors do to Sabotage their Book’s Success’

‘5 Ways to Create Your Own eBook’

Because you are my avid readers, I have a special coupon code that I want you to use so you can benefit from an over 50% discount but you need to move fast as this offer is limited to the first 300 persons and will be closed on October 31st, 2015. Use coupon code: GLEANER300 for the courses above to benefit from the discount.

I have been adding more blogs, so feel free to check out my website at and subscribe to my newsletter. There is more to come as I work towards serving you better. Again, if there is a burning topic that you would like addressed, let me know and I would be happy to put something together that can benefit everyone.

By the way, when you get into the course, please leave a review. Feel free to email me personally to make recommendations for improvements, if necessary.

I look forward to seeing you in the course!

Automating Your Business

Automating Your Business

Aren’t you just tired of being the go to person plus the owner plus the marketer plus the creative thinker plus, plus, plus, behind your own business? Just typing the word ‘plus’ so many times makes my mind go bonkers!

Many business persons are proud to say they are entrepreneurs. A new catch word that has taken root and gained credibility over the last 5- 10 years. While it is a ‘feel good’ and ‘look good’ term, it doesn’t ‘feel good’ when you are drained and tired at the end of the day and week and can’t spend time with your loved ones or have time to do anything else for that matter nor is it a ‘look good’ term when you look older as you peer in the mirror or your body feels aged when you are only in your 20’s, 30’s or even 40’s!

It’s time to get a grip!!

Recognize that you are working in your business when it should rather be that the business is working for you. Think about that for a moment. It takes some time for it to sink in for some persons.

If you find yourself working in your business, some signs are that you are trading hours for dollars which looks very much like the job you left; the only difference being that you are now your boss and you may be working from home. You are time broke! You are irritable. You are hustling and running down the money! You ca’t afford t lose a client  for this will significantly affect your cash flow. The list continues.

Let’s look at the other side – When your business is working for you.

You have time to do anything you want, when you want, with whom you want, as many times you want. You leverage time and other people’s efforts. You don’t need to worry about cash flow because of that same power of leveraging.You are happier and there is more joy in your life and with those who you spend time with.

I was recently interviewed on a telesummit  – ‘Turbocharge Your Virtual Success’ hosted by Sheila Edens Brown on the topic ‘Automating Your Business’ which is relevant to this discussion. In the few minutes we spent, I shared my own experience and some tips of getting around working in your business to having your business work for you.

As a bonus giveaway, I created an eBook that I would like to share that I know will bring immense value to you once you take action and apply the tips and strategies. I have put my heart into it and would love to hear your feedback which you can post below.

book cover_001You can grab the ebook via this link

I know there are many others like you out there that would love to get their hands on such a valuable resource especially those who are transitioning from a 9-5 and just starting their online/virtual or home based business or even those who have found themselves in a rut and need a jolt to get back on track. If you are so inclined, feel free to share this post using the share buttons to the left.

We are a few months away from welcoming 2016. How will you close 2015? I hope with more time on your hands, more love in your hearts and more passion to take 2016 to the world!




You can ‘Pick My Brain’

You can ‘Pick My Brain’

Many of my readers in my newspaper column ‘Pointers on Publishing’ have been reaching out to me to get tips and advice on book marketing among other things. It is a challenge to offer advice when I really don’t have an idea what they are writing about, target audience etc but more than that, it seems that while they may have good intentions, they would like me to offer what I know for free. I have said time and time again, if you are serious about your success, then you need to invest in yourself. If you don’t, I can’t convince you otherwise. Just let the results speak for itself and don’t complain.

I offer lots of free resources and tips via my articles in the newspaper, my blogs, my online radio show and my newsletter. I don’t think it is fair for me to keep giving away my intellectual property that I invested thousand of US$ so if you really respect what I do and what I can offer you, then respect that it will come at a cost. It’s up to you.

While you may make the investment, there is no guarantee of the results unless you take action. Collecting and harnessing knowledge means absolutely nothing if it is not put into practise on a consistent basis. In other words, you can’t blame anyone else except you for the lack of results you may receive. Also keep in mind that patience is key in obtaining results. Many people who you see having success now have been at it for over 10-15 years just being consistent with the necessary activities. I am not saying it will take you that long but you have to be patient and consistent because just when you are about to give up, that’s when the corner may turn for you.

Don’t watch the results of others. It cannot be used as a reference for you either. What is for you is for you. Just keep focused and do what you have to so. As someone close to me said, “if you just keep doing what you need to do; when it meets God’s timing, a spark happens and there is nothing you can do to control it!”

1442002905_icon-93Now after saying all that, I came up with the idea to start a ‘Pick My Brain’ group coaching series. To keep things simple and manageable, there will be two sessions per month. Each session will focus on two distinct areas: Publishing/Marketing and Online Business/Entrepreneurship. These are the two with greatest demand.

I have set up two registration forms for each area plus a third form just in case you want to take advantage of both areas. It just means you will benefit from picking my brain twice per month (smile)

The times when we do not meet will be for you to implement what you learned and of course come back to the session to share your success stories or challenges so help can be offered.

Each session is at a cost of US$25 per person per month. Should you happen to miss a session, which you shouldn’t, but just in case you do, you will get access to the recordings in a secure environment. Details will be shared on that when you get started.

Ok so let’s see how serious you are about your book and entrepreneurial success . Here are the links to get started:

I want ‘Pick My Brain’ – Publishing/Marketing

I want ‘Pick My Brain’ – Online Business/Entrepreneurship

I want ‘Pick My Brain’ – Publishing/Marketing and Online Business/Entrepreneurship


See you on the inside!

P.S If you want personal one on one coaching, then I suggest you sign up here

Self Publish Your Books

Self Publish Your Books

Welcome to – The Self Publishing center and Online Business Coach.

Why publishing and business? Because authors are generally interested in earning a revenue from their published books, so the two areas go hand in hand. Most authors just stop after the book is published and expect results. Shocking as it may be, if authors don’t start marketing prior to the book being edited or published, then they are in trouble of attaining that goal/

I have many persons reaching out to me for help. Asking what should they do to market? How can they get people to buy their books? It is a common struggle many authors face. Most have no idea what to do when it comes to marketing and others who have some knowledge are not prepared to  spend the time and effort. Either way, that’s ok. That’s why I am here to help. The following are the services you can find here at

  • Writing assessments/reviews
  • Self publishing on Amazon (ebook and print)
  • Book cover design
  • Online Marketing
  • Coaching for start up Online Business
  • Network Marketing
  • Website (WordPress)
  • Social Media promotion and management
  • Virtual Events (webinars, teleseminars, telesummits)
  • Online course creation

If there is a service that you need that you don’t see listed, feel free to contact me via the contact us page on this website or via my email. We are happy to customize a package for you based on your needs. In addition, educational resources and programs are being developed with you in mind to help you with the challenges you face, whether you are an author or budding entrepreneur. They are self paced and are accessible via any device, mobile or otherwise – That’s the age of technology and we at takes advantage of it to be more efficient and effective in our service delivery.

So have a look around, read the blogs, listen to the radio show and know that you are in the right place and there’s no need to look any further!








The Hug it Forward Foundation with the help of volunteers from all over the world will be going to Guatemala, February 4 – 10, 2016 to build yet another bottle school. We are part of the team coming from the Caribbean and would love your help to get us there to offer our service to those in need.

For 6 days we will be working side by side with village children and their families in San Martin Jilotepeque, Chimaltena, Guatemala, building a much-needed school. In Guatemala there’s only 4% trash pick up and we will be using 6,500 plastic bottles filled with inorganic trash to form walls with chicken wire and cement.

We will be constructing a school where the children will learn and expand their horizons. Every child deserves an education.

Our team will also create and carry out a hygiene workshop, spend time with special-needs children in San Martin, and visit a women’s solidarity group in Tikonel.

This Voluntourism trip is an adventure we are incredibly excited to take part in with our wonderful friends and friends of friends. The trip will cost about $3000 per person to go depending on the flight cost. There are two of us. The cost will include flights, hotels, meals, all ground transportation and airport transfers.

If 6000 persons see this, it means all you have to contribute is 1.00 each
If 3000 persons see this, it means all you have to contribute is 2.00 each
If only 1250 persons see this, it means all you have to contribute is 5.00 each

Isn’t it worth the investment? You will be helping a child and we will be adding value to the lives of others while learning and bringing that knowledge and skill back home to apply to our citizens in need.

Let’s do this together! Click on the box to make your donation.