Request Corine To Speak at Your Event Today!

Request Corine To Speak at Your Event Today!

You may be asking why?

The simple truth is she will speak the truth! She is a woman that believes in being F.O.C.U.S.E.D  – Follow One Course Until Successful!

These words aptly describe her talks as many have put it ” Inspirational, empowering, amazing and kick ass! She tells you like it is, tough love to get you to take action and change your life for the better”

Corine has been invited to speak on various platforms such as:

  • Television Jamaica’s prime time morning show, Smile Jamaica;
  • The Innovators as an Expert Resource
  • Power 106
  • International Virtual Assistant Association 2013 ad 2014 Online Summit and Expert of the Month series
  • Turbocharge your VA success Telesummit
  • CAVA Monthly webinar (coming Feb 25 2016
  • ICAJ Toastmasters Writing Group among others…

Corine is quite versed on the following topics:

  • Starting and Sustaining an Online Business
  • Digital Publishing (including writing, publishing and marketing, ebooks, print, magazine)
  • Online Marketing
  • Writing proposals
  • Planning, Coordinating and Managing Virtual Events (webinars, teleseminars, telesummits, online radio, Google hangouts etc)
  • Repurposing Content
  • Network Marketing
  • How to generate multiple streams of income
  • Automating your business
  • Workplace efficiency
  • Women in Business and much more!

Corine can customize her topics to meet your need and she also likes to speak to fellow entrepreneurs, authors, women and youths to empower themselves to be who they are meant to be. If you are procrastinating on your goals and dreams, Corine will get help you find out what is holding you back and help you to get back on track! GUARANTEED!

Corine welcomes the opportunity to be your keynote speaker, plenary speaker, guest speaker or even a panelist at your event. She has a selected quota of pro bono speaking contracts she offers each year but this is limited so you have to act fast! Otherwise, she speaks for 30 to 60 mins and offers training and workshops for up to 2-3 hours.

Feel free to check out Corine’s media kit and pics of her speaking

Request Corine to speak by contacting her through her contact page on her website or directly to obtain a quote.


Real Men Cry

Real Men Cry

It is quite interesting that when men are born, it is acceptable for them to cry. As a matter of fact, if they don’t cry, it is interpreted that something is wrong with them and they are placed under observation by the doctors. So what happened between birth and adulthood?

Who or what is responsible for putting in men’s heads that they are wimpy or sissy for crying? Huh? Tell me who it is, let me slap them hard, so they can cry!

I think it is the mark of a great man to show emotions. It is not a sign of weakness. It is sign of being human, that blood actually runs through you, that emotions are real and there is a heart and soul that exist in man that communicate apathy and sympathy towards others.

When did this breakdown start to happen? Thank God, I was born a female and thank God, as a woman, I don’t care what others think. Now that is the strength of a woman; so too should be a man!

The suicide rate seems to be getting higher and while I have no data at my fingers right now to prove what I am about to say, it is my gut feeling and from observation that more men than women commit suicide. More men than women go through depression because they have to be seen as tough, can handle anything and everything and as a result, keep everything bottled up inside, until they can’t take it any more that they only see one way out!

We are losing our men people!

When will be stop putting these type of untold, unfounded beliefs in their head that leads to destruction and destructive behaviors?

Now if you are a man reading this, you may be saying; sure, you are woman so you don’t have to worry. Well, let me tell you. I have two boys ages 20 and 12 and I tell them to not be afraid to express their emotions in anyway they feel. That could be crying, bawling, cursing, talking, screaming or any other way that would help them in getting the stress out. They are not to keep anything inside. Once they get a release, somehow, the mind tends to think clearly and solutions can be found and with a Christian background, they will be standing on solid ground. They do get conflicting messages from others, mainly the males out there, but I stand firm. I don’t want to lose my boys to something that could have been easily prevented. I don’t want them to have relationships that don’t grow and last. They need to understand what love is and what it feels like. As a woman and a mother, I feel it is my responsibility to ensure this comes across as clear as day for their future interaction with the opposite sex and with interactions generally.

So if you are a man and you’re being told or it is perceived or you have been trained to believe or society places this rule that real men don’t cry, I think you should be put under observation :)





The Turning Point

The Turning Point

There comes a point in your life when you just have to make a decision.

It’s time to really take the bull by the horns, face your fears, get over your unjustified anxieties, stop listening to people who don’t know what they are speaking about and just follow what YOU believe and IS right for YOU!

Haven’t you spent enough time watching your life slowly diminishing into what your parents have lived and taught? Is that what you want for yourself and your children? I hope not! And even if, even if, you have a better life in your estimation than what your parents had or have, is that enough? No you are not greedy for thinking or wanting it. It is absolutely normal and don’t make anyone tell you otherwise!

As much as we are selfish and have our own personal wants, deep inside we want better for others for as humans, we are social beings, innately we want to impact others and leave a legacy but what kind of legacy are you shaping up to leave now with the path you are on? Hmm…

If life was to be taken from you right now, would this be the way you want to go out and leave things? Hmmm….

Come on people, it is a turning point. No more slacking, procrastination, making lame excuses and whatever else you do to give up on your dreams, goals and desires. Make today your turning point where you DECIDE to make a change. Where YOU DECIDE, enough IS enough!

This weekend is a turning point weekend for me too and I know I am reaching a lot of you when I say these words. This weekend is DECISION WEEKEND! And if you happened to miss this post, the information and what is contained therein will still be available to you, so DECIDE to make the change as soon as you read this.

This weekend starting August 14th and 15th, 2015, there will be some serious talk about YOUR life and work and the the DECISIONS you have made up to this point. Are you satisfied with where you are or do YOU want more? Do YOU want better? If so you NEED to be registered for my live webinar right now and help spread the word. It is happening on August 14th at 6 pm CST. Here is the link

This will be followed by another massive event on August 15th at 11 am CST, this time with Host, Eric Worre, my colleague and I call him my friend, who will be speaking with thought leaders such as Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad Series), Bob Proctor (The Secret and Best Selling Author) and Tony Robbins (International Motivational Speaker and Coach). Let’s kick off the weekend this Friday by attending my live webinar so go now and register via this link and details will be sent to you.

A live conference call will also be held following the webinar with Eric to discuss what you have learned and the ah- ha moments that will help you make that DECISION to turn things around FINALLY in your life. Here is the link again to join me on August 14th at 6 pm CST and details will follow for the webinar with Eric Worre and the conference call on August 15th!

Oh and before I forget, I will be participating in some tough love, ass whooping training this coming Saturday as well from 11 am to 2 pm. As if this weekend blast isn’t enough, I had to participate in this! Clearly I like to torture myself .. or is it that I know my WHY and love myself so much, I am determined to win, NO MATTER WHAT?! If that’s you too, then come and join me and you can meet me live and in person. Email me for the details but just to whet your appetite, I have inserted the flyer below .


See you soon!




What The Hell Are You Thinking?

What The Hell Are You Thinking?

Dianne Collins, author of ‘Quantum Think’ and 9 time award winning author encourages us to take our thinking level up a notch to meet our current living environment and circumstances.

Many of us are still thinking in the 70’s era and some are not even thinking at all. Are we really using the full capacity of our brain and intuition to create the results we want in our lives?

How do we create results – whether tangible, spiritual, money or business?  All that you are is a result of your thoughts. Your thinking is shaped by the prevailing belief of the world view and if you want to shape or change the world view, then each one of us is responsible for changing the pattern of our thoughts. Our patterns of thinking give rise to our actions and all our results. I am sure you have heard that what you emanate, you attract.

Quantum thinking can be looked at as a more updated way to think to meet today’s challenges. Our mind while complex cannot make the distinction or separate how we see something and what is actually out there.

Besides the thoughts you perpetuate, another aspect to quantum thinking is how we react to our circumstances. It is within your control. The results are dependent on your reaction. You can either decide t continue in a state of rage or quell the argument by agreeing to disagree in order to change the course of an argument. You can either decide to feel like a bunch of nerves in an interview or business meeting or tell yourself ‘You got this!’ and exude confidence and expertise that it changes the mood that permeates the room. It is up to you.

No one wants to accommodate disparaging thoughts, limiting beliefs and negative vibes; what Dianne calls ‘wretched thinking’. If you are really honest with yourself, these types of thoughts do not really reside with you, they come from the external environment, either a parent, friend or someone standing next to you or maybe what you were socialized to believe at a tender age.

Starting today, make a distinction between a thought that you originate and a thought that visits from outside you or the ‘mind field’. These thoughts always take the least action pathway, that is, thoughts that have passed by at some time in your life. Here’s what you do. You interrupt it.  Say STOP! And activate a new coloring, a new mood, a positive thought that will replace those visiting wretched thoughts.

The mind is a treasured instrument, a creative force. Once you take command of it, you can use it to your advantage. For more tips shared, listen to the interview below with Dianne Collins. Make sure to grab her giveaway of 3 audio recordings and one chapter of her book on intuition at

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Recipe For Claiming Back Time In Your Business

Recipe For Claiming Back Time In Your Business

Do you feel like you’re on a hamster wheel in your business? Are you willing to do what it takes to take back control of your life? Have more vacations, time with family and friends – have a balanced life?

According to Jennifer Martin from Zest Business Consulting, many of us are obsessed with the to-do list. Yes I know it is never ending. More activities and tasks are being added and the list never seems to be getting smaller. The thing is we feel like we HAVE TO do them all right? No you don’t!

You will soon realize as you continue reading this article that you don’t HAVE TO do all the things you have on that to – do list and it won’t compromise your success. As a matter of fact, it may even bring you success!

The key is actually taking action that will give you traction towards your goals or get your closer to your goals. Remember you’re in business to be your own boss and you get to choose what happens in your life, so decide today to reclaim back time in your business!

One of the things you need to come face to face with is your WHY. Why are you in business? For some, it is to have money and financial independence and for others is not all about the money but more about having control over time so that they can spend time with their loved ones. Not everyone has the same set of goals for their business.  Once you determine your WHY, then we can move on to some steps to getting some more time to allow you the opportunity to do the things you want and deserve, therefore creating a balanced life.

Step 1: Write down the names of your 5 ideal clients. It does not matter if they occurred in the previous 3 months or a year or more, just write down the names. These must be people who didn’t make a fuss about paying you what you deserve or asked for, they were happy to work with, interaction was smooth, they were satisfied with your product or service, you may have a long term relationship with them and they even referred other business to you.

Step 2: Take a quick inventory – how did they find out about you? You may start to notice a trend happening here. Look at the ways you were able to close this client. It may have been through referrals, a Google ad or other. Take note of what worked. More than likely, all 5 ideal clients may have come to you in the same way.

Step 3: Write a list of everything that you’re doing for marketing. Some of you may be using your website, blogs, newsletter, networking, speaking events, advertising, brochure, flyer … whew.. did we say overwhelm?

Step 4: Focus for 30 days. After documenting steps 1-3, only follow and implement those marketing activities that brought you those 5 ideal clients. Doing this will lead you to reducing the number of marketing activities that most likely is not providing traction or moving you closer to your goals and why. As you put aside those activities that are sealing your time, say for example, blogging was one of those, ask yourself “When was the last time I can directly attribute a client to my blog post?” And you do this for each activity that you are putting aside. This helps to cement in your mind and justify that you are on the right path.

Step 5: Do a digital detox. Make the effort to turn off all digital devices, phones, laptop; anything related to business and spend time on you. You can do this 30 minutes a day or just take a day off per week. You deserve it. It can be the one thing to save and preserve your sanity and health in this digital conundrum.

Step 6: Reinvent and reconnect. Check in with yourself every 6 months or if the feeling moves you to determine if you still have the passion and love for various activities or services you offer in your business. If you don’t then do not feel obligated to continue. Be honest with yourself and decide whether to stop offering the service or outsource it to someone else.

Listen to the recording with Jennifer martin below and take advantage of her discounted offer – Mission accomplished – an accountability group call for those of you who feel overwhelm in your business. Contact Jennifer via phone at 805 669 7160 or email at or sign up for her newsletter on her website at  – Remember to say that you heard about it on Between The Lines Empowering network!

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Setting Boundaries

Setting Boundaries

Have you ever found yourself saying this?

“Once my children are happy, I am happy” or “As a parent, it’s not about me anymore”? If you have, then this article is for you!

According to Jaime Pfeffer, life balancing coach; who herself was caught saying these same words before she checked in with herself, women, especially those with children “can’t give from an empty well”. In other words, we can’t be any good to anyone else if we don’t serve our own needs, wants, passions and desires. This is not a selfish act on the woman’s part. Oh not at all. In as much as our traditional roles have dictated who and what we should be in our various relationships as mothers, wives, and daughters, we need to be able to strike a balance and know that while giving is a good thing, we also need to give to ourselves. We deserve it.

Today’s women want more for themselves, much against the grain of how we were socialized. It doesn’t mean that our traditional roles should be compromised or forgotten, it just means that we need to matter more in order to give the best to others around us. We need to cater to our physical, mental and spiritual well being just like anyone else.

If you find yourself tired all the time, unhappy, anxious, depressed and resentful even if you have everything else going for you in life like a house, car, great husband and wonderful children, then it is time to check in with yourself, put the brakes on and start setting some boundaries. These boundaries may have to be set with all the various persons you have a direct relationship with such as your parents, spouse, your child’s teacher, neighbour or even your boss at work!

When you continue to say or accommodate thoughts such as “once my children are happy, I am happy” and “as a parent, it’s not about me anymore” what you are actually doing is self sabotaging your own happiness and joy. Jaime terms this as a flawed logic for what you are really saying to yourself is that ‘you really don’t matter’

Is that what we really want? To not matter? I don’t think so!

We all deserve to be happy for in the long term it doesn’t help our loved ones if we are unfulfilled and unhappy. Our children will grow up and leave the nest one day and if we make our entire lives all about them, it leaves a void to be filled that most of us as parents are not prepared to deal with. Hence the request by many parents to have grandchildren around and the pressure is on now to have them. What a vicious cycle we live in just because we didn’t set boundaries and made the decision that we do matter. Remember your children model what they see and hear and if we do not break this cycle of dependency, they will certainly perpetuate the same which creates an emotional dependence and can be confusing and unhealthy.

Let’s make a decision today to break this cycle, spend time on us, do the things we love, take time out for ourselves and realise that for us to be our best to others that we need to set boundaries. It’s not selfish. We deserve it.

Take advantage of the full recording below and of course, Jaime has offered access to her meditation recordings accessible via her email at and visit her website

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Meditation has been proven to assist you in knowing and trusting your inner voice and intuition, increase creativity and lower anxiety.

Put Your Business On The Couch!

Put Your Business On The Couch!

I have never had the opportunity to lie in a psychiatrist chair and belch out my problems to a complete stranger and from what I have seen and heard and the thought and perception behind even thinking about doing it cringes my skin! I know, I know, it’s not all that bad you may say but what about sharing those things that are personal, the embarrassment, the thoughts of inadequacy and imperfection?

Speaking to A. Michelle Blakeley, a Micro Business Therapist, she thinks otherwise.

From speaking to her, I learned that if a human can sit or lie in a chair and belch out their personal problems and challenges, why can’t the same approach be used for your own business? It’s literally putting your business in the couch!

Michelle shared some fantastic points in her interview, I just want to highlight three of them; the rest you can listen and enjoy via the recording below:

  • If you want to know what you’re really made of, start a business! Ain’t that the truth? You will certainly learn a lot about yourself that you never knew before like how disciplined you are, how competitive, how determined, how vulnerable, how focused. These and more tell tale signs will come at you. Will you stay the course for the better or worse?
  • The business does not determine your success! Wow! Another truth right there. Some persons measure themselves against their business. I know it happens to me and when she said it, I quickly smiled to myself and said, ‘It will be ok”. So if you were thinking that you were a failure and nothing because your business is not doing as well as you would like it, never fear! You are a success all on your own for even attempting something that most people will never venture into.
  • Seek help. She advises to get 3-5 people who you know and trust to mentor and guide you in your business. People who know the industry that you are in who can be that extra pair of eyes and ears and give you an objective response and have you and what you want to achieve in your best interest.

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book imageAs someone who has started a variety of business ventures and has helped numerous clients especially women get their business from idea to open within 60 days on a boot strap budget, you should check out her book and resources. But first, see how quickly you can grab a free copy or get a free micro business therapy session with her by reaching her at Be sure to say I sent you!


Calling all GSAT Parents!

Calling all GSAT Parents!

As a (Grade Six Achievement Test) GSAT Parent myself, I know what you are going through. Over 8 years ago I was there with my eldest son and now I am back to it again with my youngest son awaiting results in June 2015. Gosh how time flies!! The thing is that GSAT has been around for many years and the issues are still the same. Children are having a challenge with the writing task or what is called the communication task of the GSAT examinations.

What is causing this?

My thinking and observation is that the focus is more on the other subjects than on the writing task but here’s the thing. The writing task is what can make or break the results your child receives and hence impact the school your child goes to. Yes believe it or not, it is true.

When I was going to school, I won’t tell you how long ago (smile), the focus was on the fundamentals. We have lost that in keeping up with the Joneses of other countries thinking that it will be a good thing for us to adopt global approaches to our Caribbean culture. In some cases yes but in others, we need to be careful as with taking on you have to sacrifice. But what a sacrifice it is? Most children leaving primary school can’t write or even speak a proper sentence and it becomes worse as they leave high school and university! A domino effect that has ran out of control.

I believe in the fundamentals and that is why after working with my eldest and youngest son, I can safely say, I can take a breather and now dedicate my time to helping others like you who feel stressed or lack the experience and training to help your child attain better results at writing.

I have put together a summer school program starting July through August 2015 and which is planned to continue through the school year when it resumes in September 2015. Classes will be live, face to face and there is a surprise benefit should your child become a student of mine.

You may be wondering why I am qualified to do this? Well besides checking out on my profile on my team page on this website, I am an author and columnist for the Jamaica Gleaner. I am also an award winning publisher in the 2013 Small Business Book Awards (2013, Ohio, USA). I taught at the High School level in Trinidad and worked at the Curriculum Evaluation Unit at the Ministry of Education, Jamaica, the same unit that developed the integrated Curriculum that the GSAT exams are being taught on. I coach authors, speakers and coaches on writing and self publishing their books online as well as offer coaching for those who wish to start an online business.

Sounds good? Then get pre registered now!

Place All Bets On You

Place All Bets On You

How much do you value yourself? Be honest. And I am not speaking in terms of monetary value or how many friends you have etc. I am speaking about putting yourself and what you want as a priority. Knowing the things you want to achieve, try out or take a risk with.

I guess it is easier for some to go to casinos or gambling joints and place bets on everything else like horses, lotto, games and the like and while losing the money under those circumstances can be painful or regretful, you find some way to get over it by either giving it another go and betting or placing more chips in or finding something else that may be a lower risk so the pain isn’t that wrenching.

However when it comes to placing a bet on you, it does not work the same way. Many opportunities come your way whether it is to take a job far from home or even overseas or enter into a relationship or even a business opportunity, but you will never bet on yourself when it comes to those activities. Why? Maybe because it involves investing your emotions, time and effort, skills which you may not have and the self doubt that races through your mind that it would not work out. When gambling your money into other ventures like those mentioned in the paragraph above, the adrenaline rush pushes you to think that just maybe you can win, others have done it, so why can’t you? Your inner voice shuts up the logical voice quite quickly because it is all in fun and what if you lose? No problem, you can go at it again. Others have done it and this time you can win.

Why don’t you have that kind of conversation when it comes to betting on yourself?

I remember when I had to migrate to Jamaica from Trinidad, my mother was against it and she had other plans laid out for me. I had a young baby at the time and decided that I wasn’t going to raise him alone and family was important to me. He needed his father around and we would be a unit. Of course, moving to Jamaica would have been new. I knew no one here and I would have to start over from scratch; learning as I go along. Not many people would do what I did but I am better off from it. Now I can migrate anywhere in the world. Yes there was an element of fear of the unknown but I took a bet on me and what I wanted; not what my mother wanted. While she may have my best interest at heart only I knew what was best for me given where I wanted to go in life or else I would have found myself living my mother’s life and dissatisfied and frustrated years down the road. Of course over time, she got used to it and now she loves visiting Jamaica to see me and her grandchildren. In other words, when others see you determined and you have made a decision to bet on you, they will come around and support you in time.

Sometimes we take a bet on ourselves and it may not work out for some reason. No need to blame anyone else. Take responsibility for your actions, learn from the experience and just start again. Life can be so much more enjoyable if you take bets on you for if you don’t even want to bet on yourself, who will? It all starts with you, then others may follow suit. And if they don’t, that’s ok too.

Like I keep reminding myself and you in my articles, ‘time waits on no man’. It is already May and before you wink, it will be the end of the month! What have you wanted to take a chance on that you didn’t? What have you felt you really wanted to do deep down in your gut that you have been putting off? It could be telling someone how you feel about them, starting a new project, migrating like I did, taking a job offer or starting a business that requires investment and you have no guarantee how it will turn out. Decide to take a bet on you today. Trust yourself that you can do it and get it done because you believe in you. You don’t need others to believe you or even in your ability. You believe in yourself! And prove to yourself that you made the right decision. Start looking at life differently; through your own eyes and not from the perspective of others.

Look out for my upcoming FREE email courses that will be sent directly into your inbox. These courses will cover a wide area such as these motivational topics, marketing, publishing and starting an online business and more. Each course will include ready to use resources such as worksheets, workbooks and activities to get you taking action. Some of these resources may be free or at a nominal price but it will be worth it, I promise. To get notified of when these courses will become available, you should subscribe to my newsletter via my website at or via this link

When The Shoe Is On The Other Foot

When The Shoe Is On The Other Foot

What were you doing at the age of 16? Do you remember? Most of us may have a vague idea depending on what age you are while you read this but Tyetisha Jackson Burroughs can without hesitation.

At age 16 she was abandoned by her mother for the love of a man. At least this is Tyetisha’s perception of the situation at that age and who really can blame her for thinking that way?  On top of that, she ended up making bad choices along the way due to lack of maternal guidance coupled by relatives who disowned her and in her words ‘began a crusade’ of propaganda against her. In essence she was ostracized.

In trying to cope, she ended up in a relationship that took a turn for the worst when he became abusive mentally and physically when she withheld being intimate with him at such a young age.

Was the world against her? Would she find herself feeling that she was to blame for everything going on with her? Of course!

And while there is always two sides of a story, we were only able to hear one today when she shared those experiences that had the most significant impact on her life to date. She is now 25 and considers herself a work in progress as we all are.

How did she cope? She found God. She seeks his strength and advice everyday and through her daily journals from an early age, she wants to help others avoid going through what she has been. Journaling was her way out at the time. It was safe. She did not have to feel judged, criticized or be forced to take advice which she wasn’t ready for at the time. She just needed to ‘purge’ and ‘cleanse’ to get rid of all the negativity and pain she was going through. That became her solace and refuge and to this day she still journals and encourages others to document their journey. It is amazing when you look at the words on a page, you see how far you have come and grown and what you have left behind. It becomes real.

Her first book ‘Her Unwanted Child’ is not in production yet as she is doing this on her own. She seeks your help via the gofundme crowdfunding site to assist her in getting her book published. However, I strongly suggest using Pubslush instead as they cater to the needs of authors and I have personally worked with them and still do today. When using crowdfunding platforms, you need to find the one that will meet your objective or else you will be wasting time and energy.

Tyetisha has a compelling story that any young person and even adult who find him/herself in similar circumstances would benefit from. Feel free to listen to the full interview below and reach out to Tyetisha via her website and contact us page.

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