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These are the actual words and testimony of  one of the members of my coaching program who is from the Philippines. She consistently documents her journey (a requirement of the program). The following represents an excerpt in her first few days.

Journals from this and other members in this coaching program are shared via my blog (refer to categories to the right side panel), so follow those if you are still not convinced that you need to join this group. Please note the name of this coaching program- we do live up to the name!


Yesterday was the first day of what we call the “No Excuse. No Surrender” Business Coaching Bootcamp. The idea is definitely something new to me, especially given the fact that I’m a million miles a way from my camp”mates”, we will do everything online (no meeting face to-to-face whatsoever) and wow, the time difference had to be figured out to the best of our abilities!! But, it did happen. We had our first session, there were real people conversing, and what amazed me is how the flow went, wherein everyone just sounded sure of being in the boot camp, while being uncertain of what we are supposed to do.

How I got there was actually by surprise. I’ve been putting together an online business for a month now, and I was sure it would do our (me and my business partner) business good if I registered to an online networking group.

After researching, caught my attention especially given its presence in most of the blogs or sites that I was able to visit. It seemed to me a reliable group. So I enrolled there and joined my first coffee chat. The rest was history!

Corine emailed us after the coffee chat session if we were interested to have a coaching & mentoring group. This totally surprised me but I followed my initial instinct which was to say ‘yes!’. I wasn’t sure what to expect, until Corine set-up our Facebook secret group and others actually accepted the invite. Then posts and responses were exchanged, until we got to our first meeting.

For our first coaching session, we had to make what I consider as a self-assessment document, wherein we start with describing our strengths and weaknesses, our target audience and our goals in the next 3, 6 and 12 months. With this activity, it actually made me review or re-think about what I was doing in the first place and why I was doing it.

True enough, during the first session, we discussed thoroughly the details we’ve included in our submission. This was the most effective part for me because we were able to identify action steps for the areas that are still vague and for the weaknesses we cited. I knew then and there that we are going to be bbbbuuuusssssyyy… but I got excited too to experience an improved me (hopefully) soon, especially in the area of expressing myself in writing.

The session was indeed long but I strongly feel that we’ve accomplished and discussed so much, with more than enough activities to keep us on our toes until the next meeting.


Personally, I just wanted to share that today was quite productive for me. I’m pretty sure that having started with the business boot camp is helping me focus more on what I need to accomplish for the pillars in my life: myself, my family, my work and my friends/colleagues (including clubs, groups). It is so clear in my head that I cannot waste time.

So today I was able to update all my social sites (i.e. LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+), I opened an account for our business, I was able to close out the first leg of our business registration (2 more to go!), I went through work of course (including meetings, submissions, the whole thing!) and as a last leg, I am now here in my retreat (one which I go to and look forward to every year).

Oh, and earlier today, while opening our account, the branch manager asked me what the account was for. So I explained to her the nature of the business I was putting up, and wow! I started talking to her about it so passionately, including why I wanted to put it up and top of mind vision, that she go so interested, such that she continued the discussion and asked further questions. This to me was a highlight because it was a to re-affirm reality, that it is happening, that I want and had to put up my business. There’s no turning back now.

I only wish I can progress further in the rest of my deliverables. So here’s to pray for strength, creativity and a clear mind.


Felt even more behind with my homework and business deliverables. So I posted on our coaching Facebook group the fact that I was struggling to balance all I needed to do to progress all my deliverables, personally, at home, at work, my new business and of course, deliverables from the coaching session. I know it will take some getting used to and I’m so determined to get the hang of everything. I believed it was just a hump to get over. ‘Lo and behold, after sharing my concerns, Corine, our mentor sent us a wonderful and timely message (recorded at that). Just how I imagined mentors would do! If thought to my head, she’s so supportive and continues to validate us even with only four days since our meeting… usually that’s still being strangers to each other! How did I feel? Of course more determined and excited to progress! I felt more certain that I’m #ontherighttrack. So this is what it meant to have a coach/mentor and a team to share the energy with. I’m sure this is going to be a great experience.

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