Karma is a Bitch!

Karma is a Bitch!

meditation-338446_1920Sounds harsh right? It should be.

Here’s the thing. We all have gifts. Not many of us make use of them. You die without sharing it, you procrastinate or whatever it is that you do or rather don’t do with it and that’s ok but for those of us who do, all that is being asked is RESPECT!

Writing is not an easy task for some and many authors and writers spend sleepless days and nights crafting words, emotions, setting, and plots and doing research to bring you the best stories, advice, articles and self help activities for you to be better. To grow and develop and move past where you are now.

Why is it then that you want it for free? Why is it that you prefer to round robbin intellectual property instead of purchasing your own copy and supporting the author of the book? Or not compensate for work done?

Do you really think that when you decide to do anything and it doesn’t have to be writing a book; it can be a business, relationship or anything at all, that your actions back then wouldn’t haunt you?

Once you are in the habit of wanting everything for free, everyone else will expect the same from you or they will want to get a discount or drive your price down till it loses value or just take advantage of you like you did with someone else.

How the saying goes… What goes around comes around? And the shit about it is that when the backlash comes it is tenfold!!! Hmm, think on that and before you take advantage of someone’s hard work and effort, ask yourself, would I want that done to me?