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MAG cover-sep 7 2014I may have mentioned to you some time ago about my upcoming Magazine. Well, it’s finally here!!

This is your opportunity to take up a great offer that I personally think you shouldn’t pass up.

A spin off from my radio show – Between The Lines Empowering Network, this  magazine is one of the many tools that I am working on to help you gain  even more visibility, credibility and sales via this global medium.

Let me give you a little background information. ‘LA FONT’ named after me of course is French in origin and has a meaning and significance that falls squarely within what I am doing with my radio show, Between The Lines Empowering Network  and my business. Poised to be a biannual issue(2 issues/year), the focus of the magazine will add even more value to our target audience of aspiring authors, speakers, coaches and entrepreneurs for the small investment of $50.00 (to be featured in one issue) or the discounted rate of $175.00 (to be featured in 4 issues. This option is cool for persons who wish to have a series of articles and exposure on their niche or to feature multiple books):

Take a peek of the current issue here!



LA FONT Magazine caters to the needs of men and women who are within their 40’s and are dissatisfied with where they are in life and seek to make a change. Vicariously experience the stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things in their lives and business that maybe one day your story…

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The theme of the magazine is ‘Going Beyond Limits’ and aims to empower and challenge our readers to become more and realize their full potential in any area of their life, work and business. The magazine will feature varied areas such as relationships and sex, parenting, work and career, health and fitness, personal development, marketing, writing, technology, tips, tricks and how to’s in business, social media, funding, joint ventures and much more! Keep reading below to see the cool benefits your investment provides…

  • A magazine that is rich in content with a ratio of content to ads being 80:20
  • Opportunity to read and know of others in your industry or those that compliment your niche that you can reach out to collaborate or joint venture
  • Included in your investment will be a print version of the magazine being sent to you ($10.00 value for the US, incl shipping and handling*) as well as the digital version ($2.00).
  • Additional activities are being planned to increase engagement and interaction that you can participate in as a way of increasing reach and penetration into other markets.
  • Distributions channels so far include the USA, Canada, Philippines, Argentina and the Caribbean with more channels being negotiated. You will be updated on this as we progress.
  • As someone who will be featured in the magazine, you are being asked to help promote and market the magazine on your website, social networks and other promotional channels as well as registering as an affiliate to earn at the same time. I assure you that you will earn back your investment and then some! You can do so at this link:
  • Each guest featured in the magazine will get 1-2 pages of written text including images. Written articles will be a word count of no more than 1500 words which you can submit or an interview can be done and an article written on your behalf. Images (at least 300 DPI, large) are to be sent to me for insertion.
  • You get to promote one product or service of your choice. For the digital version, you will be allowed to include either a link to a video or website to allow for greater interaction with our readers. Additional ads will attract a cost. Ask for the price list if you are interested in promoting additional products and/or services.
  • One person will be selected to grace the front cover of the magazine including the center spread at no additional cost. It can be you!

Sounds great right? When you think about it, each benefit listed above far outweighs the $50.00 investment. Don’t you agree?
We are ready to rock and roll. Are you? If so, take advantage of the lowest investment you will ever find to be featured in a magazine of $50.00 (to be featured in one issue) or the discounted rate of $175.00 ( to be featured in 4 issues). You can do so via the links below now:
I want to be featured in one issue at $50.00
I want to be featured in all 4 issues at $175.00


As a bonus to being in the magazine, you will get:

Upgrade for an extra $37.00 and you can get featured in my Expert Interview Series similar to this one

Expert interview series CD COLLECTION
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Corine La Font is a trained and certified Self Publishing, Online Marketing and Virtual Events Specialist and Consultant. She is also an Award Winning Publishing Resource in the 2013 Small Business Book Awards, an author, online business coach, a radio host and a columnist in a major daily newspaper ‘Pointers on Publishing’ – The Gleaner, in Jamaica. Get a copy of her book and Tune in to her radio program

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