Welcome and thank you for visiting again!

red smiling desktopIf you have visited this site before, I am sure you are pleasantly surprised to see the new changes in front of you. At one point, this used to be my website and first point of contact. Now, with a growing client base, I felt it necessary to adopt a more focused approach and decided to use this platform as the place where you will find lots of free content that is useful and valuable on your journey to becoming an author. This includes blogs, news, events, testimonials and webinars/training events.

The blogs are rich in content and at times may contain links that may lead to a free or paid resource. Either way, once those links are mentioned on this blog, it means that I either use it myself or personally know others who do and it comes highly recommended.

It is hoped that this platform will greatly meet your needs for at helpdeskja.com, we believe in empowering your ideas!