Get to Best Seller Status with these Books

Get to Best Seller Status with these Books

Everyone wants to be a bestseller but do you know what it takes to get there? Let me put it this way. Lots of work and commitment! Fun too, but lots of work! Burning desire to see your work attain such a status with the key being to stay at the top for as long as possible. Why? There just might be agents crawling the web searching for books like yours to offer a publishing contract. It has been done and it can be you!

I have listed below some areas you need to focus on if you want to attain bestseller status on Amazon. Yes, the focus is on Amazon for now and then we can go for the biggie – New York Times Best Seller! How about that? Impossible? No, very possible!

Many of you write books that you either experience yourself or what others experience or you have a lot of knowledge about. That’s fine but what I am going to show you is where you should really focus your attention in order to achieve Bestseller status on Amazon. Now you don’t even have to have the experience or knowledge to do this. There are so many ways to writing that I can show you, that will allow you to not only learn a new topic or area but you learn a lot about yourself on the journey.

The following are books that are what I would call niche markets that will allow you to rank in the top 10 on Amazon and hit the Best Seller list. Now, if you wish to pursue this seriously, I am offering a package to help anyone who wishes to do this but you have to be committed to the process or else it won’t make sense. You can check it out for more details. It would involve from start to finish in the self publishing process which includes me coaching you into writing, cover design, book title, publishing and marketing. If you are game, I am with you. Here’s a link for more information and to get started right away.

Ok now for the list. Whether you are an expert or not, write on these areas and I assure you, with some focused effort, you will make it to Bestseller status:

  1. Books on Gay and lesbian with a focus on mystery and thrillers, parenting and families, travel, biography and memoirs
  2. Books on teen and young adult with a focus on social issues, sports and outdoors, personal health
  3. Books on test preparation with a focus on citizenship and drivers education
  4. Books on sports and outdoors. Go for extreme sports and survival skills
  5. Books on travel with a focus on the Caribbean, Central America and the Polar regions
  6. Cookbooks, food and wine with a focus on professional cooking, quick and easy and Asian cooking
  7. Self help books with a focus on mid life, anger management, abuse, communication and social skills

Please note that if what you want to write or capable of writing is not on this list, it does not mean you can’t make it to Best Seller Status; not at all. It will just require some additional strategies in promotion and marketing to get you there and the BestSeller Program can assist as well.

Ok, I think I have given you a lot to work with. There is more but let’s start with the above. So join me in the program, check out the BestSeller Program page at  get your thoughts ah rolling, start putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard or voice to recorder and get yourself on the Amazon Bestseller list!