The Hug it Forward Foundation with the help of volunteers from all over the world will be going to Guatemala, February 4 – 10, 2016 to build yet another bottle school. We are part of the team coming from the Caribbean and would love your help to get us there to offer our service to those in need.

For 6 days we will be working side by side with village children and their families in San Martin Jilotepeque, Chimaltena, Guatemala, building a much-needed school. In Guatemala there’s only 4% trash pick up and we will be using 6,500 plastic bottles filled with inorganic trash to form walls with chicken wire and cement.

We will be constructing a school where the children will learn and expand their horizons. Every child deserves an education.

Our team will also create and carry out a hygiene workshop, spend time with special-needs children in San Martin, and visit a women’s solidarity group in Tikonel.

This Voluntourism trip is an adventure we are incredibly excited to take part in with our wonderful friends and friends of friends. The trip will cost about $3000 per person to go depending on the flight cost. There are two of us. The cost will include flights, hotels, meals, all ground transportation and airport transfers.

If 6000 persons see this, it means all you have to contribute is 1.00 each
If 3000 persons see this, it means all you have to contribute is 2.00 each
If only 1250 persons see this, it means all you have to contribute is 5.00 each

Isn’t it worth the investment? You will be helping a child and we will be adding value to the lives of others while learning and bringing that knowledge and skill back home to apply to our citizens in need.

Let’s do this together! Click on the box to make your donation.


Calling all GSAT Parents!

Calling all GSAT Parents!

As a (Grade Six Achievement Test) GSAT Parent myself, I know what you are going through. Over 8 years ago I was there with my eldest son and now I am back to it again with my youngest son awaiting results in June 2015. Gosh how time flies!! The thing is that GSAT has been around for many years and the issues are still the same. Children are having a challenge with the writing task or what is called the communication task of the GSAT examinations.

What is causing this?

My thinking and observation is that the focus is more on the other subjects than on the writing task but here’s the thing. The writing task is what can make or break the results your child receives and hence impact the school your child goes to. Yes believe it or not, it is true.

When I was going to school, I won’t tell you how long ago (smile), the focus was on the fundamentals. We have lost that in keeping up with the Joneses of other countries thinking that it will be a good thing for us to adopt global approaches to our Caribbean culture. In some cases yes but in others, we need to be careful as with taking on you have to sacrifice. But what a sacrifice it is? Most children leaving primary school can’t write or even speak a proper sentence and it becomes worse as they leave high school and university! A domino effect that has ran out of control.

I believe in the fundamentals and that is why after working with my eldest and youngest son, I can safely say, I can take a breather and now dedicate my time to helping others like you who feel stressed or lack the experience and training to help your child attain better results at writing.

I have put together a summer school program starting July through August 2015 and which is planned to continue through the school year when it resumes in September 2015. Classes will be live, face to face and there is a surprise benefit should your child become a student of mine.

You may be wondering why I am qualified to do this? Well besides checking out on my profile on my team page on this website, I am an author and columnist for the Jamaica Gleaner. I am also an award winning publisher in the 2013 Small Business Book Awards (2013, Ohio, USA). I taught at the High School level in Trinidad and worked at the Curriculum Evaluation Unit at the Ministry of Education, Jamaica, the same unit that developed the integrated Curriculum that the GSAT exams are being taught on. I coach authors, speakers and coaches on writing and self publishing their books online as well as offer coaching for those who wish to start an online business.

Sounds good? Then get pre registered now!