In 21 days

In 21 days

No this has nothing to do with menstruation.. ewwww but come to think of it, in a way it is related.

You see, I have a little challenge, well it can be a big challenge at times and it’s called procrastination. There are many things I know I have to do but just don’t do them or start and stop halfway and pick up something else and in the end nothing is completed. This is not for all projects or goals but for some. I need to develop the habit to get things done no matter what. No matter how I feel at the time or what else may be going on. How come I do for some and not others? I ask myself that question to figure out what is keeping me back and the truth is it’s a combination of laziness, no interest, no passion or lack of importance or immediate benefit. Yeah, I think that last one hit the nail on the head!

Here’s what I have been doing and while it is still a work in progress, the good thing is, it is a work in progress as we all are as human beings.

I suggest taking on one thing. Only one thing from your list of procrastinators and just do it. Just get started whether it starts off good or not Set your timer to go off at that time or a few minutes before like 5-15 mins before just to get your mind in gear but not too much time to talk yourself out of it. If you need less time, then do 5 mins lead time.

Once you have done that, then do it for 21 days straight. No stopping. No excuses. Do it preferably at a set time each day. Be realistic. Now you see the connection between this and menstruation? Whether we like it or not, our period shows up approximately every 21 days, give or take but it shows up! Argh. And while some of us might hate it, we have to deal with it but here’s the thing. We know in a few days it will be over and we get ready for it again in the next 21 days. So our period just follows Nike and just do it! or rather just shows up!

We need to show up for what we want in our lives. Showing up means, just putting aside all fears, excuses and procrastination and just do it. Can you imagine if your period didn’t show up? Yes we women have all been through it. We get worried… the fear of pregnancy sets in, sickness or stress even though you may not have had sex to warrant the fear but it is just our innate reaction.

The same applies to achieving your goals. You should go through the fear of what would happen if you don’t do what you are supposed to do.. in this case your ideas won’t be pregnant and won’t come to life. This is one time you want to be pregnant and bring forth that beautiful baby of success.

So let’s try developing one habit consistently for 21 days and keep doing that, then add another and another and keep building and let’s give birth to those ideas that are resident or planted in us for a reason.

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