Self Publishing On Demand

Self Publishing On Demand

What are you willing to do to learn more about being an author, avoiding the pitfalls, creating an eBook, increasing sales, building a business, marketing and sustainability?

Many weeks ago, I have been hinting at creating online courses to assist those who are in need without having to rely heavily on me and my expertise. They can do it themselves, learn when they want at their own convenience and at their own pace. It is still a work in progress as we all should be but I am proud to say that I have two courses available to you right now, fresh on the market for you to grab, if you are serious improving your craft and skills and learn more about the self publishing industry.

While these two courses may have been addressed in several fora, what comes with these that you won’t find anywhere else are resources, workbooks, eBooks and worksheets to supplement the course. The course covers all learning types, that is, audio, video and text with projects and activities and quizzes to ensure you understand the material and build your knowledge and skills. Additional benefits are included but more details are provided at the links below.

’10 Things Authors do to Sabotage their Book’s Success’

‘5 Ways to Create Your Own eBook’

Because you are my avid readers, I have a special coupon code that I want you to use so you can benefit from an over 50% discount but you need to move fast as this offer is limited to the first 300 persons and will be closed on October 31st, 2015. Use coupon code: GLEANER300 for the courses above to benefit from the discount.

I have been adding more blogs, so feel free to check out my website at and subscribe to my newsletter. There is more to come as I work towards serving you better. Again, if there is a burning topic that you would like addressed, let me know and I would be happy to put something together that can benefit everyone.

By the way, when you get into the course, please leave a review. Feel free to email me personally to make recommendations for improvements, if necessary.

I look forward to seeing you in the course!

Frustrated about your book’s success?

Frustrated about your book’s success?

 No need to be any longer. The Self Publishing University, an online hub for all things self publishing and more is here to help you on your journey with your book’s success. Created with authors in mind who should also have a business behind their book, the University has developed a variety of products, programs and training opportunities that covers every aspect of the writing, publishing and marketing process of both traditional and especially indie publishing as well as creating a business that would be sustainable and continue to build your credibility in the marketplace. A continuous work in progress, it aims to bring up to date trends in the marketplace, opportunities for entering competitions and even ways in which authors can get funding for their work to be a reality.

The Self Publishing University also boasts a radio show that is free for authors to sign up to gain visibility live on air which can be used on their website and blog as well as a newsletter that offers strategic tips and resources that are easily implementable plus webinars that allow for live interaction and personal engagement to get your questions answered and an upcoming magazine, which you will hear more about later. It’s all inclusive at the Self Publishing University created by Corine La Font, an author herself, Self Publishing Consultant and Online Marketing Specialist, who can relate to the everyday challenges faced by you and many other authors.

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See you on the inside!